Why You Should Opt for Spotify Premium Version?


Spotify is quite popular among people globally. From listening to songs from all the artists one loves to searching new songs, Spotify makes it easy. Most recent songs from millions of artists as well as old songs are available in this app. It offers people access to a music library which is not available anywhere else.

However, one might ask, since one can listen to songs on YouTube, why opt to buy Spotify plays? Well, there are certain perks which makes people around the world for this service. Have a look at it yourself.

  • Unlimited skips

There are times when people don’t like to listen to a particular song. Free service from Spotify allows the users to skip only a few songs. However, with the premium version, a person will be able to skip an unlimited amount of songs. 

  • Eliminate shuffle only mode

One of the biggest reason to go premium is that this mobile app will play all songs one wants. However, with free version, an individual is forced to enjoy music on a shuffle mode outside its 15 playlists on demand.

With upgraded premium version, one can, for instance, listen to Home Sweet Home from Motley Crue without having to listen to power ballads from Cinderella or Warrant if that’s what one wants. Hence, this is why people opt to buy Spotify plays.

  • Bit-rate doubles in a premium version

The free version lets a user listen to a song at a normal bit rate which is 96 Kbps (kilobits per second) or the high-quality version which is 160 Kbps. However, its premium version adds remarkable quality streaming that allows a user to enjoy music at 320 Kbps. This makes experiencing music much better as it offers a detailed output of audio if a person uses excellent speakers or headphones.

  • Listening offline

Spotify Premium allows users to download songs for times when there is no cell service. Up to 10,000 songs can be downloaded so that even being away from internet one can enjoy his/her favorite songs.

These are just some of the perks which people who use Spotify Premium enjoys. Hence, buy Spotify plays today for remarkable music experience.